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Lupa Fitness Den Online, and available for everyone interested in joining, wherever you are.

  • Livestreaming and recording classes: Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Belly Dance.

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Class Details and Pricing


Class Format Options:

  • Group Online Facebook Live-streaming. If missed it is also offered asynchronously available at any time since all sessions are recorded and kept online for 30 days.

Pricing Menu

  • Group Online Facebook Live-streaming : $25 with both Laura and Dacia

  • Drop in Class $15


Core Wellness Class: Pilates-Yoga- Yoga Nidra Fusion 
Core Strength- Mobility- Mindfulness Practice in 60 Minutes 

Class Description:
30 minutes of Pilates to address core strength and pelvic floor. 15 minutes of complete restorative yoga practice with seated stretches connecting to breath. The last 15 minutes of class will guide you slowly into blissful Yoga Nidra- guided visualization to reach a deeply relaxed state turning on the relaxation response.

Online Livestream Group Format
Eclectic Yogamix Vinyasa Flow

Class Description:
A gentle mix of movement and breath with non traditional yoga sequences designed to keep you flowing by addressing mobility and strength not static poses that can overstretch joints. 50 minutes of flow, 10 minutes of guided meditation.

Online Livestream Group Format
Restorative Yoga/Yoga Nidra

Class Description:
45 minutes of deep seated stretches with props to safely open up tight muscles through breath and extended stretches that will not compromise joint capsules. Last 15 minutes a beautiful guided meditation leading you into your sacred space to heal and balance mind and soul.

Online Livestream Group Format

Beginner Hatha Yoga Level 1

Class Description:

This Gentle yoga class is suitable for everyone, all ages and all levels. A great class for beginners who want to start with the basics, or anyone interested in gently stretching their bodies with proper alignment and breath. Our nervous systems relax, our minds slow down, our muscles become supple, our breath deepens – this translates to peace, tranquility, and relaxation.

This is also good for experienced students so they can deepen their practice with guided verbal instruction and relaxation between postures.

Belly Dance Fitness with Laura Barsalou

Class Description:

One hour journey into technique and foundations of Belly dance. Learn choreography, feel sexy and self confident while working the core to improve agility, grace and confidence. Be Fit Be Fierce!

Ballet Barre Fitness with Laura Barsalou

Class Description:

One hour journey into technique and foundations of Ballet Barre. Learn how to be engaged with your core at all times, improve posture, gain strength, balance and improve agility for long supple and toned dancer's body.

Be Fit Be Fierce!



I'm always looking to be the guide by the side for many that wish to journey into self development! Let's connect.

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