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  • Note the class time and join while live-streaming, or if you are unable to attend live, the recording will be available for 30 days on the private Facebook group.

If you are new client please create a new account to register online for a scheduled class.


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Online Fitness & Wellness Boutique

  • Concierge Online Fitness & Wellness Services

  • Live Online Classes via Zoom and Facebook Live in our Private Facebook Group.

  • Personalized Holistic Fitness/Wellness Coaching 

  • Fits your lifestyle needs to include Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Mindset Practice

  • Special populations fitness: managing medical conditions with Exercise, not just post-op rehab, but pre-habbing before major surgery, maintaining health with chronic conditions!

  • Dr. Milescu is bridging any gaps that exist between the healthcare specialists and the Fitness World!

Join a supportive virtual community of individuals who encourage each other to transform gaining a healthier lifestyle.

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Train with DACIA and Laura!

Laura dance outfit.JPG

Barre  and Belly Dance Fitness with Laura!


  • Virtual Holistic wellness coaching

  • Increase energy, improve sleep, mindful body movement, reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Healing body movement helps remove stuck physical, emotional, and mental stuck patterns.

  • Online Live Group Coaching2-Way Video with Zoom, and Facebook Live Option that is recorded and stored for 30 days.

  • Online Private Coaching sessions via Zoom, or private sessions within reasonable distance in Seminole and Volusia County Florida.

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Be Fit Be Fierce

Be Lupa Fit


Dr. Milescu- bridging the gaps between healthcare knowledge and fit

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Boutique Fitness & Wellness with Dr. Milescu

Lupa Fitness Den Online  aside from Livestreaming Group Classes, Dr. Milescu offers Private Sessions Via Zoom:

For specific needs such as:

  • injury recovery

  • post-op recovery

  • post partum recovery

  • nutritional supplement consult and diet advice

  • fitness goals

  • stress management


Our Story

This image is of Dr. Dacia Milescu far right and Laura Barsalou far left. Yoga photos Dacia's.

Lupa Fitness Den- Online Fitness & Wellness

Be Fit, Move Well, Be Fierce!

"Illuminating the body and mind with the tools to transform body mind and soul."

Concierge online fitness boutique you can take anytime, anywhere.

  • Human Movement Specialists

  • Fitness Wellness Coaching

  • Mindfulness and Mindset Coaching                                 


Online Instruction with Dr. Dacia Milescu

  • Former Elite Level & Division 1 Gymnast

  • Retired Foot Surgeon (Board certified 8/2004 ABPS)

  • Anatomy & Physiology Professor x 12 years

  • Fitness/Wellness Coach:-certified Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga since 2008

  • Certified Pilates Instructor since 2017

  • Certified in Meditation, and Reiki Master both Usui and Holy Fire Lineage since 2010

  • Holistic Wellness Coach, and member of Brookbush Institute- Human Movement Specialist Training

  • Active Member Medical Exercise Training Institute

  • Active member of Human Anatomy & Physiology Society (HAPS)

Online Instruction by Laura Barsalou

  • Lifetime Dance Instructor

  • Belly Dance Performer Orlando Florida.

  • BalaChandra BellyDance style, melding traditional American Cabaret and Fusion Bellydance styles. 

  • Certified Ballet Barre Instructor

Quality and Experience Matters.

Between Dr. Dacia Milescu and Mrs. Laura Barsalou, the two instructors have a total of 35 years of teaching and performing.

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We are thrilled to invite you to Lupa Fitness Den Online!
This is going to be an
experience bringing us together through this new digital format from my Den to yours!

How It works:
Join from your Computer at time of Livestream via Facebook Live and/or via Zoom link.
Class is recorded and available for viewing 30 days.

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Private session fees:
Package of 3 Sessions $200
Concierge packages available 

Daily Coaching 
Concierge Wellness Coaching 
Program Cost:
Daily guidance by Dr. Milescu your on-call wellness coach.
Yoga at Home

Price Offerings Group Coaching Online

3 Class Pack- $18.00

5 Class Pack- $30.00


          Membership Fee

Best Deal: $35/month Autopay

Get moving with the Human Movement Specialists and sign up for a class today.
In a nutshell this is what you get if you join us!


Medical Yoga & Pilates Training - Dr. Dacia Milescu

Engage the Core

Heal Chronic Back Pain

Holistic Wellness Coaching by Dr. Milescu

  • Professor in Health Sciences: Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology, and Nutrition.

  • Former board certified Foot Surgeon, and practicing Physician from 1995 - 2012.

        Find Power, Purpose, Personal Fulfillment

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Illuminating knowledge for professional and personal development, integrating science with health and wellness.

Fit woman doing yoga plank and watching

Medical Yoga-

  • assisted stretching

  • postural corrective exercises

  • gentle restorative yoga

Pilates Training-

  • Core strength

  • Toning to improve chronic back and hip

  • Pelvic floor issues post-partum

Stress Management Sessions-

  • Pranayama (Yoga Breath Exercises)

  • Guided Meditations

  • Energy healing work with Holy Fire Reiki healing


Get the medical exercise coach who was trained as a physician.


Ballet Barre & Belly Dance Fitness- Laura Barsalou

Laura Cane.jpg

Mrs. Laura Barsalou is a professional belly dance performer and dance instructor. She teaches Ballet Barre Fitness and Belly dance classes as well as specialty topic workshops.

Booty barre fitness class standing near barre with balls and performing Releve exercise in
Ballet Barre Fitness
Bare feet at studio at the barre ready for class.

Time to Shred and Tone

  • Develop Lean Strong and Flexible Muscle Tone

  • Gain Balance, Strength, Mobility, and Stamina

  • Group Live Online Class

Yoga- Pilates- Meditation- Reiki with Dr. Dacia Milescu

Restore Relax Rebalance

  • Group Coaching Online Classes teaching Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates & Meditation

  • Private Zoom Sessions Medical Yoga, Meditation, Reiki Energy Healing

  • Click below for Sample Restorative Yoga and Reiki/Meditation Class

Why Mindset Matters!
Meditation by the Beach
Blue Skies and Yellow Fields
Ukrainian Flags
Vyshyvanka Day
Proud of our Eastern European roots

Dr. Dacia Milescu is Romanian -American First Generation!

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Mrs. Laura Barsalou is American with Polish ancestors!
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